Sharing printers with Group Policy

I recently had the need to move all of my managed printers from one server to another. I did the normal export printers from the old server and import on the new. Nothing to note except I had one printer that wouldn’t come over. Not sure why, but I figured no big deal I would just recreate it on the new box.

After some testing I changed everyone over to the new printer GP’s. No complaints except from the Org Unit whose printer would not come over. Even though I reinstalled, created and applied the GP it would not work for nothing. I ran the usual tools, RSOP, GPRESULT nothing showed any errors. Ran the modeling wizard in GP management on the Org and got a cryptic error on the Computer and User Component Status about the deployed printers connection. Basically just said there were many errors and to look at the Application Event Log on the domains I ran the model on. Checked both DC’s and there were NO errors. Thanks MS what a big help.

It wasn’t until I ran across an article while troubleshooting about GP Preferences. I stated playing with this and got to the Printer preferences. I went to add the offending printer but discovered it wasn’t listed in Active Directory. Ah Ha!

When back to my Print Server right clicked the printer to “List in Directory” but the option wasn’t there. Say whaaaat? Huh?

I uninstalled and re-installed the printer, but I never got the option to “List in Directory”. Did not make sense as there were many other printers, same model, make, etc and they had the option.

Then it dawned on me… What a dumb ass.

Uninstalled printer, re-installed but this time did NOT uncheck “Share”. The rest… well is history.

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