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Former City Commissioner Mike Shallow Arrested

Channel 13 News reported the following on their website.

A former Daytona Beach city commissioner and a candidate for mayor in last month’s election was arrested Thursday and charged along with eight others with lewd and lascivious conduct.

Mike Shallow was defeated in last month’s race by incumbent Glenn Ritchey.

Police said Shallow and the other men were in the Sears bathroom in the Volusia Mall Thursday engaging in sexual acts.

Police said the complaints began last week, and a sting operation was held all day Thursday. Daytona Beach Police Chief Michael Chitwood hopes this isn’t a trend.

“The bothering thing is, we’re coming up on the Christmas season,” said Chitwood. “You’re out there shopping in the mall and your kid wants to go to the bathroom, and you’ve got a bunch of sick, degenerate, vile perverts in there doing their thing.”

David Behringer, a health teacher at Seabreeze High School, and two registered sex offenders were also taken into cusody.


What in the world are these people thinking? What was Mike thinking? On second thought, I don’t want to know. Is it just me or has the pool of politicians suddenly turned pee green? Politicians everywhere are turning up in the news for breaking all kinds of laws. Hell locally we elect lawbreakers to office. What is wrong with you people who vote for these candidates?

I can see it now where people actually list their convictions as some sort of merit badge on their resume.

You’re kiddin’ right?

Did I hear right? Did Mayor Allen Green of Port Orange, Florida actually suggest using employee retirement funds to help offset costs for his friends “Riverwalk” project? Well actually I heard he wanted to invest the employees retirement funds into the Riverwalk project. If the developer won’t put his own money into it why in the world would you ask employees of the city to gamble their retirement money on it? If anyone can shed some light on this please drop me a line…